Grief Counseling

Bereavement is a part of life for everyone.  People often are able to work through the loss on their own with the support of family and friends.  Having a grief counselor, however, may be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Time with a therapist allows the grieving person to focus on themselves and explore their experiences without external distractions, such as the needs of other people or the demands of daily life. Frequently, people who are grieving need to tell their story over and over again.  A therapist will listen caringly, knowing how to make that process therapeutic.  If the grieving person does not have a lot of support from family and friends, which often happens when they too are grieving, it can help to have outside support.

Grieving people often find that others have unrealistic expectations about the timeline of their recovery or about how they should be experiencing grief.  A therapist will be able to help the person in grief, recognize what is normal and realistic.

Please call to find out if grief counseling can help you.

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